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Modernizing IT for Small and Medium Businesses in 2021

By Rhia Prajes
In the past two years, many organizations have struggled to stay in the business due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world faced these challenges, however, many organizations have realized how vital technology is to their business. Problems involving manpower, limited capitalization, high operational costs, and limited access to technology, have been redefined as the world has identified a new set of business essentials, Remote Work Readiness.

Cybersecurity Best Practices: Taking the Assume Breach Approach

Assume Breach is a Cybersecurity approach that deals primarily with mindset. To Assume Breach is to treat all accounts as unsecured and already been compromised. This benefits your overall security by more frequently exercising and measuring reactive capabilities in the event of a breach, and helps guide operational security processes and investments.

How to Empower & Protect Your Remote Workforce

By Rhia Prajes

In the year to come, the businesses that will thrive the most are the ones able to best adapt to remote working and distributed groups. With the challenges and roadblocks involved with such work, however, it is important to consider the best practices and tools that empower users and help shape a company culture that fits for a decentralized workforce.

Which Cloud Desktop Works for You? Windows 365 vs Azure Virtual Desktop

By Rhia Prajes

With the rise of cloud-powered PCs, you can empower your remote workforce to be more productive and connected. Over the last year, Microsoft has released two distinct services for delivering this powerful technology to your team: Windows 365 (W365) and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD).

So, how does having a Desktop in the Cloud help your business in its day-to-day operations and productivity?

For both W365 and AVD, there are some key benefits to consider:

A cloud desktop has native synergy with existing cloud services, and can speed upload/download speeds across your network.

Microsoft Teams vs Zoom – How do they compare?

Virtual meetings are part of the new-normal especially in the past year with Covid-19 disrupting the way people work and communicate with each other. Businesses, organizations and just about everyone, have started using Zoom and Microsoft’s Teams to do video conferencing.

[UPDATED] Microsoft to No Longer Force Bing Search on Chrome & Firefox

UPDATED: On February 12, Microsoft announced that it will no longer be updating Chrome and Firefox to use Bing as a default search engine. This blog has been updated to reflect this decision.

Last month, Microsoft caused a bit of an uproar among the IT community when their Microsoft 365 roadmap was updated with an extension designed to force Bing as the default search engine on certain browsers.

Defending Against Illicit Consent Attacks

Towards the close of 2019 a new variety of phishing attack surfaced, targeting Office 365 specifically. This attack is notable in that it does not harvest end user credentials (as is the norm) but exploits how Office 365 handles third-party add on content.