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Office 365 Backup: Is it worth it?

As a cloud service, one of the major benefits of Office 365 is its reliability and resilience to various incidents that would otherwise disrupt on-premises servers. Notably, cloud hosting eliminates the need to regularly replace aging hardware and mitigates the risks of failure caused by older equipment.

Is Windows Defender Good Enough? An Overview of Microsoft’s Anti-Virus

Is Windows Defender Good Enough? An Overview of Microsoft’s Anti-Virus

When it comes to defending against malware, installing an anti-virus is the first step many users will take. Choosing the right application can prove to be an overwhelming task, however, simply due to the sheer number of options available. For users grappling with this question, their best option is likely already installed to their device.

Phishing in 2018 – What to Look Out For

Phishing in 2018 – What to Look Out For

As a managed service provider, our clients often forward us emails that they suspect may be a phishing attempt. They trust us, so they often leave it to us to determine what’s legitimate and what’s fake. Some are obvious, some are tricky, but one thing that’s different today is the craftiness of the scammer.

How to Block Ransomware in Windows 10

How to Block Ransomware in Windows 10

By John Bath

We’ve written extensively about ransomware in the past, offering best practices for how users can identify threats and avoid the risks that may result in some unwarranted encryption. The biggest problem with ransomware is that, unlike our traditional conception of malware, little that can be done once files and drives are blocked (other than disconnecting the device from the network and wiping it).

While the methods cyber criminals use to attack are reportedly becoming more and more advanced, so too are the methods used to combat them.

Expanding Security & Compliance with Data Loss Prevention

What is DLP and how can it help protect your data? We cover common features of DLP and touch on how Microsoft is taking the service a step further.

For businesses dealing in sensitive data, be it their own IP or the personal info of their clients, prevention of data leakage is of the utmost concern to IT professionals.

Remote Desktop vs. Virtual Private Network: Which Should You Use?

One of the major concerns of technology professionals today is to protect users and data from various cyber threats. And just as there are many things to worry about, there are just as many tools to mitigate risks. Two such methodologies are the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Remote Desktops (RDP), which primarily serve to centralize and protect data systems albeit in different ways.

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What is Microsoft 365? Breaking Down Microsoft’s New Bundle

This morning kicked off Microsoft’s Inspire conference, a week long showcase of Microsoft’s impact in the enterprise space and the strides its taking in the coming year to increase its dominance.

As CEO Satya Nadella took the stage and began his keynote, it became clear that Microsoft would be keeping to its mission of enabling people to do more by offering more complete service offerings for creating secure, online workspaces.

What is Petya? How to protect against the newest ransomware attack.

Yesterday afternoon, reports began to surface about a new series of cyberattacks from a ransomware virus called ‘Petya’. This comes just one month after the WannaCry ransomware ravaged IT systems across the globe, including the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

For those who don’t know, Ransomware is a form of malware which encrypts files on infected devices and then demands payment in Bitcoin for the affected user to recover them.

New SharePoint Enhancements!

Today, Microsoft hosted its SharePoint Virtual Summit to discuss the latest improvements coming to the platform. There were three key sections to the presentation that we wanted to take the time to review in case you missed it.
1. Microsoft Flow and Power Apps
Microsoft is committed to being a “no-code” or “low code” platform, meaning that technical knowledge should not be a hurdle for businesses to customize their workloads.

Defending from Ransomware in 2017

As far as malware goes, ransomware poses one of the biggest threats to businesses today, costing an estimated 2.4 million per year.

Infection occurs through email phishing, in which the attacker sends an unwitting target a seemingly innocuous email embedded with a malicious link which installs malware when clicked.